Bloomingville candlestick gunvar brown


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Candlelight is always a good idea! This Bloomingville candlestick gunvar brown makes it even more atmospheric.

A beautiful candlestick can subtly add some extra atmosphere to your interior. Not surprisingly, we have a weakness for beautiful candlesticks and especially the candlesticks from the super cute brand Bloomingville. This Bloomingville candlestick gunvar brown lifts every dinner candle (literally and figuratively) to a higher level. The beautiful design and stylish earthenware shade will make your heart spontaneously beat a little faster, won’t it?

Of course, a grey or black dinner candle looks great in this candlestick. Or place a coloured candle in it and give the candlestick a surprisingly cheerful touch. BrandedBy’ s dinner candles fit perfectly in these cool candlesticks. The candlestick has a diameter of 17 centimetres and a height of 5.5 centimetres. The candleholder is made of earthenware. The design, the colour, but also the friendly price make this cool accessory super suitable as a gift. Nice in cellophane with a nice candle inside!

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