Nicolas Vahé Container black and white


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Trendy, original and multifunctional, this cool container Nicolas Vahe black and white!

Nicolas vahe has again succeeded to bring an awesome new product on the market. The products of the Danish brand Nicolas Vahé are known for their perfect blend of taste, design and quality. The look of this tough ‘paint’ container fits perfectly in this range! Container Nicolas Vahe black and white can be used for many purposes.

Can we do a few fun suggestions? Use container Nicolas Vahé black and white as storage space for your kitchenware, fill it with ice cubes and you have the perfect wine cooler (super trendy on the table!), or use the container as gift wrap.

‘This bucket does not contain paint, but it will add color to your day’ this quote is on the tough bucket of Nicolas Vahé. The container has a diameter of 17.5 centimeters and is 25.5 centimeters high. The bucket can be closed with supplied lid.

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Container Nicolas Vahé black and white brings color to your day!