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These Konges Sløjd hydrophilic towels flowers are a real must-have for every mother, because what are they not used for?

We can not stop talking about this crazy Danish brand Konges Sløjd! So we fell in love with this multifunctional Konges Sløjd hydrophilic towels flowers. We like to give you some tips on what you can use them for! Use it as a breastfeeding towel, a spitting up towel, a changing mat, a light blanket or to put in a baby’s nest. As you can hear, these cloths are ideal to have with you at all times and they also have super nice prints!

The Hydrophilic cloths are made of 100% organic cotton which makes them very soft for your baby’s skin. The towels are washable at 40 degrees. You can wrap your baby in the cloth, because the cloth is big enough, it measures 65 x 65 centimetres.

This set consists of 3 towels, each towel has a beautiful print with flowers!

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