Esschert Design Monochrome garden carpet persian


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Create a cozy outdoor place with this monochrome garden carpet persian.

As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, we want one thing …enjoy it outside! Of course you also want to feel at home in your garden. Bring your indoor interior style over to your outdoor space! Create a fine dining area and a nice lounge area and add this monochrome garden carpet persian as an awesome finishing touch.

Monochrome garden carpet persian is an outdoor rug to our hearts. It’s trendy and very affordable. This monochrome garden carpet persian has a dimension of 186 x 120 centimeters and has a stylish persian black and white motive. It’s is woven in a way that it can be used on both sides. Thanks to the plastic material of the monochrome garden carpet persian is not only permeable to water, but also very easy to clean.

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