House Doctor Rustic sushi plate


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The extremely popular Rustic tableware series from House Doctor has got a very cool extension. Check out this chique Rustic sushi plate.

When we talk about food trends, sushi is definitely covered. Whether you are dining in a restaurant, get it for take away, late delivery or of course preparing it yourself; Sushi tastes even better when it’s served nicely. So we’re very happy about the amazing extension of the House Doctor Rustic Dishware! A very cool line to serve sushi in style. From soy jug to wasabi dish to this awesome Rustic Sushi plate!

Characteristic for House Doctor’s rustic tableware is the tough blue / gray pastel shade. Even as the other items, this rustic sushi plate is also handmade. Each plate has its own rustic look, so you really get a unique product! In addition to these special features, this rustic sushi plate is also practical, it is dishwasher safe. That’s a feature you’ll definately love!

The rustic sushi plate has a size of 17 by 29 centimeters. Thanks to the handy round recess in the rustic sushi plate, you can easily put the rustic soy jug or wasabi dish on it, without sliding off your plate.