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From now on, you shop with style with this cool UASHMAMA wallet Vita.

This stylish Uashmama wallet Vita is made of washable paper though the looks suggest that it is made of leather. And that is not surprising. The roots of Uashmama are in the leather industry. Uashmama is an Italian family business. Father Marco Marconi has acquired considerable expertise in the leather industry, where he was a famous shoe maker. With this knowledge in pledge father Marco, mother Emanuela and the four sisters Chiara, Giulia, Gemma and Gaia started the family business UASHMAMA (you pronounce it as “wash-mama”). The name is inspired by Italian mothers who wash, iron, clean and take care for their family with love. In the production of the UASHMAMA products, washable paper is used. This is also the case with this Uashmama wallet Vita. The Uashmama paperbags are made by hand by the locals of Montecatini (Tuscany). The more advanced designs, like this Uashmama wallet Vita, are produced in Florence by manufacturers who also produce for the fashion elite.

In the design and implementation of this cool Uashmama Vita wallet you clearly recognize the craftsmanship of father Marco. The material used is light, soft and resilient. Uashmama wallet Vita has a size of 19 x 11 centimeters. The wallet has 8 compartments for cards on the inside, two compartments where you can keep receipts, two compartments for paper money and an inside pocket that can be closed with a zipper to keep your coins in. The Uashmama Vita wallet is closed with a zipper.

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