Zusss ceramic candlestick on legs black


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Candlelight is always a good idea! This cool Zusss ceramic candlestick on legs black makes it even more atmospheric.

A beautiful candlestick can subtly add some extra atmosphere to your interior. No wonder we have a weakness for beautiful candlesticks and especially for the candlesticks of the super fun brand Zusss. This super cute Zusss ceramic candlestick on legs black lifts every candle (literally and figuratively) to a higher level. The beautiful design and stylish natural shade make your heart spontaneously beat a little faster, don’t you think?

Of course, Zusss candles in khaki or white look great in this candlestick. Or place a coloured candle in it and give the candlestick a surprisingly cheerful touch. The Zusss candlestick has a diameter of 12.5 centimetres and a height of 8 centimetres and is made of ceramic. The design, the colour, but also the friendly price make this cool accessory super suitable as a gift. Nice in cellophane with a pretty candle inside!

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