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Candlelight is always a good idea! House Doctor jam jar lantern Fhia makes that even more atmospheric.

When we launched this new product from the Danish interior label House Doctor we were immediately enthusiastic. This cool House Doctor jam jar lantern Fhia is an ultimate mood maker and suitable for every season. The Fhia lantern consists of a glass bottom and is fitted with a particularly beautifully designed metal ‘lid’ to which a tea light holder is attached. The tealight holder reaches into the lantern.

Lantern Fhia from House Doctor has a diameter of 8 centimeters and is 22 centimeters high. Of course this lantern is suitable for indoors, but also super fun to put on a warm summer evening outside as a nice atmosphere maker in your garden, under your veranda or on your balcony. In order to enjoy your House Doctor Fhia lantern for as long as possible, we do not recommend leaving it outside permanently. Where do you give this atmospheric jam jar lantern a place?

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